Wednesday, December 1, 2010

hOlidaY !

this h0liday i went 2 Cameron Highland's ! it was very exciting ! i g0 there with my br0ther n his friend's ! n 0ur first vacati0n's was at sm0ke h0use ! 
this is my pic with my sibling's at sm0ke h0use ! we visit the whole 0f sm0ke h0use ! it was s0 beutiful ! but we can't g0 inside the h0use ! c0z this h0use just 4 wh0 rent it ! many english people rent it ! c0z the h0use was s0 expencive !
this is me ! isn't the fl0wer was beutiful ! at sm0ke h0use have many type 0f fl0wer's ! the fl0wer was really in g0od care ! 

0ur sec0nd's vacati0n's is g0 t0 strawberry farm's ! went we g0 there we have 2 picking the strawberry by 0ur selve's ! this is my pic with my sis at strawberry farm's ! it was s0 exciting when we pick the strawberry ! the taste 0f strawberry was sweet ! but strawberry have many type's 0f taste ! it g0t sweet n s0ur taste ! ermm ,, thinking 0f starawberry was s0 yum99 !
0ur third's vacati0n's is we have 2 g0 t0 tea farm's ! this is a picture 0f tea land ! s0rry if i snape a pic was n0t really nice ! but i guest this is very beutiful picture !
n this is me , my br0ther n my sister ! we were at tea farm's ! fuhh i was little scared went we have 2 g0 d0wn 0f tea hill's ! owhhhh it was s0 scared ! but i have a rite p0ssing went i was a little scared ! hax3 ! you g0 gurls !
i think's this is end 0f my snape picture ! s0rry if u guy's can't see ! but n0t 0nly tea , strawberry farm's is 0ur vacati0n's ! we als0 visite butterfly farm's n 0there's st0re at camer0n highland's ! believe me butterfly was s0 beutiful at camer0n's ! n als0 believe me  camer0n was s0 exciting ! k guys i'll see you at next epis0d 0f my bl0g's ! daaa ..